How Society Looks at you Depending on your Clothes

There is an old saying that simply says: “clothes make the man”. This saying clearly describes how clothes make people appear to look a certain way. This is truth because people put a lot of stock into how people appear. Everyone has a tendency to judge people from their outer appearance. The following information will describe the impact that clothes have on people and how they are viewed by others according to what they wear.


The Basic Need for Clothes


Clothing is an important component of modern life simply because they serve an important function. One, they keep people from being exposed. Two, they protect people from the elements. People have to wear clothing simply because they cannot walk around naked within society. Social norms and restrictions are important. Clothing helps to maintain order within society by keeping a person’s nakedness hidden from others. Without clothing, our society would not be able to adequately function.


Clothing is also important for protecting a person against the elements. People need clothing to keep from freezing in the cold and from burning in the summer. Clothing is also used for many other reasons as well. So, our society has a basic need for clothing and it is a necessary component of modern society.

American Norms for Clothing


Most people within American society are casual dressers. People dress in this way because American social norms state that jeans, t-shirts, casual slacks and dresses and shirts are standard clothing for people to wear within this society.


People like to relax and be comfortable. Stuffy clothing such as ties, formal dresses and slacks are not well received by common people. So, when a person sees the average individual they will usually be dressed in basic clothing that consists mainly of jeans or some type of shirt.

If an individual happens to work within a professional or semi-professional environment they will probably wear casual wear. The point is that people dress according to what they have available and the norms that are expected by their class, occupation or status.

Clothing for Identity


People within society wear clothes. When the average person selects their particular style of clothing it will be a reflection of their beliefs, values and mindset. Other factors such as their cultural and social identity will factor into this process as well.


So, a person who is rich will usually select clothes that reflect their status. They will dress in expensive clothing fashions that the average person could not afford to wear. They will also wear top quality clothing that looks a specific way to separate themselves from people who are not in their same economic status.


People from the hip hop community will wear their own unique style of gear. Individuals who live in the suburbs will usually look different from people who live within urban settings. College students will dress differently from dock workers.


People who work in fast food restaurants will have their own clothing standards that are uniquely different from an office worker. Clothing denotes status and it also helps people to be identified within a certain way. Many people can generally figure out the type of person they are dealing with by simply glancing at their clothing. Keep in mind that people from specific lifestyle will not usually dress outside of the norms associated with their particular status.

Tight, Skimpy and Revealing Clothing within American Society


While American social norms require that people be clothed; many American women try to wear as little clothing as possible. They will usually wear clothes that are form fitting, that drapes off of their body or shows various features of their figures.


Skin tight clothing is the norm for many American women. This trend was started back in the 60s and it evolved over the years to become a dominant form of dressing today. Women who wear skin tight clothing want to show off their figures are often seeking attention or affirmation through their clothing; but not in all cases.


Females wear tight shorts in the summer, nighties and thongs around the house or within social environments where this type of clothing is permitted. This style of clothing forces American people to view women who wear this type of clothing in different ways. Some of these ways are good and some of them are not so good.


Specialty Clothing Items


People also wear a lot of specialty clothing items within society. They typically include sport and athletic wear and they also sport trendy clothing items that probably lasts for one season. Sports and athletic competition is big within American society and many people enjoy supporting their favorite franchise, local team or school. Trendy clothing items such as skinny jeans or specialty t-shirts are usually worn for a particular season and then they are no longer a common part of social norms for clothing.
Ultimately, clothing items do help people to identify and judge people. This is not a bad thing it is just the way it is. A person’s clothing will always be lined to their identity and since this is the case, people should wisely choose the type of clothing they want to wear when they are out in public.

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